Hail and Welcome

Welcome to With Cunning & Command, a blog about magic, occultism, grimoires, spirit work, folk lore, and esoteric scholarship. We are magicians, karcists, necromancers, and diviners working with diverse Old and New World traditions, grimoires, and spirit courts joined by common goals, loves, and approaches to the hidden. Here, on our new website, we hope to host book reviews, snippets of ritual procedures, reflections on sorcerous practices, and a miscellany of other related writings. Our work is invested in ever furthering the transformation of the magician as a magical being herself, while concurrently deepening levels of spirit communion and mastery using the twin-forked prongs of knowledge and strength, insight and power—with sagacious cunning and authoritative command.

This blog is run by two authors, partners Sfinga and Salt:

Sfinga is a traditional witch, diviner, and spirit-worker from the Balkans. Born in Serbia, her magic is rooted in an oral tradition of dragon (zmaj) witchcraft in which she is what is known as a zmaj-wife or zmajevit-woman. Fascinated with folk magic, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Old Slavic folklore and mythology, and various ways of working both devils and saints, she strives towards ever refining new cunning with old wisdom. An alumna of Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery, Level Up!, Sorcery of Hekate, and Black School of St. Cyprian courses, she is also trained in rootwork and is an initiate of Quimbanda through Tata Apokan of the Cabula Mavile Kitulu kia Njila. St. Cyprian of Antioch is one of the most significant spiritual allies in her court both within Quimbanda and in her other practices. At any given time, she is working on several academic papers and manuscripts for her graduate school studies in the transmission of occult knowledge. She can be most easily reached through this blog or her Instagram.

Salt (also known as Khamaiyinepu) is a an aspiring cunning-man in the vein of early modern English folk and ritual magic practices, working with all kinds of spirits, whether they be local land wights, elementals, demonic, aerial, or angelic (though perhaps with special focus on the latter three). He also practices traditional Faustian magic following the German ritual praxis of the Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis (Natural and Unnatural Magic). Passionate about Ancient Egyptian religion and magic, he is a fervent reader of all things pertaining to Kemetic ritual practices. He practices geomancy as his main form of divination, alongside his study of the Picatrix and Traditional Astrological Magic, and is a fervent believer in using magic to pursue one’s ambitions. He is the author of the Hadean Press pamphlet, The Devil’s Bestiary: The Magpie.

We thank you for stopping by our new corner of the web! We’ll be updating this space with plenty of new posts in the near future, and we hope that you stay with us as we continue to write about our wanderings along the crooked roads.